Gordon Ramsay fumes over chef’s full English loaf and begs him to ‘stop cooking’

Gordon Ramsay has hit out at a chef’s interesting full English breakfast concoction.

The 55-year-old celebrity chef, who is famous for his blasé attitude, blasted a chef on TikTok as part of his #RamsayReacts series, where he roasts weird and wackiest food creations.

The latest victim is 42-year-old Steve Devereux, a technical manager from Newcastle, who regularly shares his interesting recipes on his TikTok ( @foodmadesimple ).

Steve has built a following of more than half a million people on the app thanks to his simple yet creative dishes, but his full English breakfast loaf has left a sour taste in Gordon’s mouth.

In the clip, Steve wedges five slices of thick bacon, three slices of toast and 12 sausages into a loaf tin and covers the lot with eggs, black pudding, cooked mushrooms and three more slices of bread to seal it all together.

He then places the loaf into the oven, before revealing a humongous slab of tasty breakfast food.

Steve tops off the dish with a few pigs in blankets, before slicing and revealing the delicious cross section.

Viewers were divided in the comments as some people said “you can’t mess with a fry-up.”

One person said: “This just looks British.”

Another viewer wrote: “Nooo! You can’t mess with a fry up!”

“That black puddings gonna be so overpowering,” commented a third.

Another user simply asked the question: “Why?” to which Steve responded: “Why not?”

And let’s not forget Gordon himself.

Gordon reacted to the video by singing in a separate clip: “Please stop the cooking because everybody’s looking and that looks like a pile of…”

He also captioned the video: “Maybe if this chef thing doesn’t work out I’ll be a singer…,” receiving over 428,000 likes and 4.9 million views.

Despite the criticism, Steve believes that his dish tastes delicious.

“[It tasted] just like French Toast stuffed with a Full English breakfast,” Steve said.

“The idea just came into my head.

“Like usual on my videos, some people love it and some people hate it.

“Gordon Ramsay didn’t like it, but what does he know.”