Quirky exam question at end of test bewilders people as some say it ‘isn’t fair’

There aren’t many people who enjoy sitting exams, but there are certain exam questions that are so strange they baffle even the smartest of people.

One interesting exam question was recently posted on Twitter by Rebekah Rogers, @evolscientist.

She explained that she turned to the last page of a test and found a rather unique question that asked the student to talk about a subject they had been learning about that wasn’t covered in the test.

The question read: “There’s something that you spent time studying that wasn’t asked on the exam. What is it and how does it work? Explain in detail.”

And Rebekah wrote alongside a picture of the question: “I kind of like this exam question.”

Her post has split fellow Twitter users though, as several people admitted they would be sent into a panic by a question like that.

People largely believed the question was too open-ended and could leave some students completely baffled about what to write.

One person said: “As someone whose academic success hinged on good memory and predictable test structure rather than studying and prep, I think this would have made me panic a little bit.”

While another agreed, posting: “I absolutely hated questions like this because it assumed that I studied something in-depth, when what I actually did was read through all the lecture slides to make sure that the knowledge I learned during lecture was fresh in my mind.”

And a third wrote: “As a student I absolutely hated this type of question. My mind will go absolutely blank, and I will not be able to come up with anything.”

But others thought the question was testing “important” skills that could be vital in adult life – so were all for it being asked in a school exam.

Someone commented: “The critical responses to this are blowing my mind. The traits this question is targeting are extremely important and useful in the real world, and assessing those traits is good, actually.”

And someone else added: “Oh I love that. A simple and effective way to let people show they’re smart even if the other questions aren’t their sweet spot.”