Yorkshire Terrier will only walk on the kerb edge – leaving people baffled

A Yorkshire Terrier’s bizarre kerbside walking habit has left Facebook users baffled.

Dogs have a tendency to develop habits that can confuse their humans, and this little Yorkie is no exception.

Fluffy eight-month-old Odin, who lives in Inverness, Scotland has developed a confusing quirk of his own over the past few months.

The tiny pup has decided that he isn’t much of a fan when it comes to walking on the pavements while he’s out on walkies.

Odin prefers to walk only on the kerb edge, with his tiny paws fitting perfectly.

Choosing not to stray from what he clearly considers his very own personal yellow brick road, the Yorkie cuts an amusing figure walking through the night.

Odin’s owner was left perplexed by the unusual habit, something that the dog started doing at around four months old, sharing the footage on Facebook.

In the video clip, the adorable canine can be seen trotting along, refusing to stray onto either the pavement on the road and staying perfectly straight on the kerbside.

His little paws appear to be the perfect size for the strip and it’s left social media users chuckling.

The video was posted into the Facebook group Yorkshire Terrier Owners and Fans Club UK by Odin’s owner Claire Kinnaird.

Lots of Yorkie owners could clearly relate to the video, with one person commenting: “Yes my Bailey does or even better he loves to walk along the small wall at the local beach, it gives him height and he thinks he’s an Alsatian.”

Another commenter wrote: “Our dog does it in our garden. There is a patio and similar ‘balance beams’ surrounding a tree. We love seeing her use them. It is like she has play equipment.”

A third added: “Our Buffy does it if the path surfaces are a bit rough!”

Odin isn’t the only Yorkshire terrier to have enjoyed social media fame of late, with this Yorkie’s hilarious reaction to having their fur cut at home going viral on TikTok.

The dog was clearly very excited by the experience, bouncing on their back legs as they had their back fur clipped.

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The clip was a huge hit on the video sharing platform with almost two million views.