Thrifty mum saves £3,500 on bathroom renovation using Amazon stick-on tiles

A mum -of-two has totally transformed her bathroom into a chic modern space for just under £500 – saving her thousands of pounds in the process.

Monica Farrelly, 45, who lives in Glasgow, estimates that hiring professionals to do the same job would’ve cost around £4,000.

This means taking on the DIY job herself has saved her approximately £3,500.

Monica used budget materials such as Frenchic paint, Amazon stick-on tiles and even a free scaffolding board as a shelf to complete her renovation.

Cost-wise, without plants, accessories and decorations, it cost just under £500 to complete the project, with £280 of that being on a new bath screen and storage cabinet.

She told “The idea for my bathroom came from an extension of what I had already created in my hallway and kitchen.

“Having already spent so much on those other areas, I decided to do it on the cheap as my budget wouldn’t stretch to a brand new suite and tiles.

“I noted some tips and inspiration on some Facebook groups, took lots of inspiration from Pinterest and of course from my favourite interior magazines.

Monica started by first prepping the bath panel and the wall tiles throughout the bathroom using sugar soap.

This helped remove any residual dirt or grime built up over time.

She next lightly sanded the tiles using an orbital sander, before then removing the toilet roll holder, wall cupboard, towel rail and old concertina bath screen.

Some tiles sadly got broken while Monica removed the bath screen, so she decided to replace these after receiving advice from a professional.

The original tiles were from the 80s, which meant finding new ones that were the same size was impossible.

“My only option was to buy bigger ones and cut them exactly to size,” said Monica.

“This I did with my jigsaw and diamond blade attachment. Thankfully I have a lot of patience.

“I secured them using tile adhesive and grout. I could then start my painting.”

Monica decided to paint her bathroom with contrasting colours to give her bathroom a pop of personality.

After deciding where the colours would meet, she used frog tape to ensure a straight edge.

She said: “I decided after research to use the Frenchic Al Fresco paint.

“Using Harris paintbrushes from Screwfix, I painted a thin coat of Blackjack above the frog tape line.

“These two coats took around three hours to complete. I removed the frog tape and started on the white Dazzle Me paint, again using paintbrushes.

“I used a steady hand to bring it up to the line meeting the Blackjack. Any areas needing to be tidied up at the end were done using a very small brush.

“The white paint took four coats to completely cover the old blue tiles.

“The bath panel, window surround and storage unit were prepped and painted in a similar fashion, taking two to three coats of Blackjack paint.

“Lastly, I freshened up the ceiling with a coat of white emulsion.

The bath panel, window surround and storage unit were then prepped and painted, taking two to three coats of Blackjack paint.

She then freshened up the ceiling with a coat of white emulsion before tackling the flooring with stick-on tiles.

Monica said: “I prepped it again using sugar soap. I decided to lay it on top of the existing linoleum for two reasons.

“Firstly it was already perfectly smooth and flat and secondly, the flooring underneath was concrete and the instructions for the floor tiles told you not to place it on concrete as it wouldn’t stick.

“I calculated the exact centre of the floor, then set about laying the tiles. I used measuring tape and a Stanley knife to cut the tiles around the edges.

“The tiles themselves were self-adhesive and were extremely sticky. For the tricky areas around the sink and toilet, I used scrap backing paper along with a pencil to give me a template.”

The final jobs included fitting a new dark blind, installing a new black toilet seat, replacing the existing white one, and fitting a new bath screen.

Monica then put up a new light to complete the renovation – and she is thrilled with the results.

“I feel so proud of the look I’ve created and how much better my house looks overall – it just ties everything together,” she added.

“Looking online at your typical DIY store, I reckon it would have cost around £2,000 to do a similar job.

“That’s without the cost of the workmen to complete the plumbing and tiling, so possibly £4,000 with those costs included.”

Full cost breakdown
Frenchic Al Fresco Blackjack, Dazzle Me and Gold Frensheen paint – £69.80
Stick-on tiles (Amazon) – £57.60
Light fitting, shade and pull cord (Amazon) – £50.87
Bath screen ( – £200
Storage cabinet (Habitat) – £80
Industrial shelving brackets ( – £24
Accessories (Rockett St George) – £54
Nkuku vanity mirror – £38.50
Round gold mirror (Habitat) – £25.00
Plants (M&S and Next) – £54.50
Shelving – FREE