Man dubbed ‘petty’ after carving lawn in half following row with neighbour

A neighbourly dispute over the front lawn has turned into a full-blown dispute between the two homeowners.

It can be great to have neighbours you get on with – for convenience and community reasons.

But even if you’re not on the best terms, most homeowners manage to rub along okay – until a petty dispute causes serious issues.

One woman went viral on TikTok at @_.cinthyaaah after showing how her neighbour had cut their lawn in two, in a dispute over space.

So they responded by cutting the lawn again – and arguing that they had measured it correctly before doing it.

A video of the divided lawn went viral on social media, with more than one million views.

In the video, she wrote: “When your territorial and nitpicking neighbours start cutting into your land,” while showing the line splitting the land.

She then cut to a photo of the lawn – showing another line, which was deeper and straighter, cut into the grass.

The woman then supplied another video showing how they used measuring equipment and a weed cutter to draw the line, which was exactly five feet from their wall.

She joked: “I chose the petty life,” in the caption, leaving people in stitches.

In the comments she explained that the purpose of the divide was to help drain water – but claimed her neighbours “moved the line” to gain more land after expanding their driveway.

She added: “Only reason I fixed it was because they are territorial and will post in the neighbourhood if anything steps/falls into their part.”

One viewer commented: “Good for you! That would drive me crazy! And it wasn’t even straight.”

Another joked: “If anything, you just showed them how to correctly cut a line.”

A third wrote: “You definitely fixed it. They may have been day drinking when they made that line.”